GeekGear Wizardry February 2019

GeekGear has changed their boxes and February was the first one in the new “format” and I am loving it. Last year I was thinking I might stop my subscription, but this box was amazing. I know that some loved the old and don’t like these new things. It is all about personal preference. Everyone can’t be satisfied, but I was and therefore I am hoping they will keep it up.

Forgot to put the t-shirt in the picture… But there was one, and I liked it. Geometrical figures. I actually liked everything in the box which is rare. Of course, I liked some things more than others, but overall happy. My favourite things from the box were probably the wand and the little golden egg.


Hogwarts Castle – in LEGO!

A couple of weeks back I invited my brother over to build some lego and watch some movies. Namely the Hogwarts Castle and the Harry Potter series. Depending on your building speed it will take you about five and a half movie to build a castle. Including breaks for food, stretching your fingers and late night tiredness. Loads of fun and so magical to see how the castle appears gradually as you build. Totally recommend every fan to get this, but kinda expensive tho… I was lucky to have it gifted to me by my parents!

One side shows the outside, but on the back, it is like a doll house. Meaning that the outer wall is gone, and you see the inside of the castle with a bunch of different rooms, like the potions classroom, the chamber of secrets, the library, Gryffindor common room and so forth. Love it.

January HAUL

I was supposed to post this ages ago, but here we are, a few weeks later than planned. The good thing about things I buy: I still have them a few weeks later. Bought a few things in January, and the first thing I bought is kind of off-season, but therefore on sale. Christmas jumpers!

The one on the right even has little LED-lights in the floating candles. Which makes it harder to wash, but cooler to wear. Both jumpers bought from GeekStore. Something else from the same store is these two pins sets.

Lastly something I have been wanting for a long time. Harry Potter. Page to screen. Now it is out in an updated edition, so I figured it was time. I liked the old cover better, but I’ll rather have more reading material than a nice cover. At least in this situation!

Christmas 2018

I got five things related to Harry Potter for Christmas. Which is more than I expected to be honest. My wishlist is full of it, but usually, people don’t get that for me. Maybe they don’t know what I have and want to avoid double up on anything.

Four of the items was a gift from one of my best friends. She knows me so well. Cookbook, Ravenclaw notebook, and Funkos. It’s great!

The fifth item came from my parents and made me cry actual tears of joy.

The Lego Set, and not one of those little ones, but THE Lego Set. I had no words when I opened this gift. I could not wrap my mind around the fact that I now was the owner of this. Someone pinch my arm!? My brother and I have plans for building this while watching Harry Potter movies sometime in the near future.