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DIY: How to make a wand


A Weasley jumper

PotterWeek #2
I have no idea how to knit a jumper/sweater, but I bought a knitted jumper at the thrift store, and then used duplicate stitches to create the letter I wanted. Got the idea from
this video, and figured that even I could do that. Took me some time to figure out what kind of stitches I could use for that particular jumper, but just try and fail, and then try again. 

I chose the letter “S” from my last name, since the letter “I” can be kind of boring. But maybe in the future I will create one with the “proper” letter.

IMG_3408 IMG_3428


The skiving snackbox

The project would not be complete without at least one copy of the skiving snackbox. This shows up frequently in the books and the movies, and is probably the most famous product they have. The box includes puking pastilles, nosebleed nougat, fainting fancies and fever fudge. 

IMG_3371 IMG_3376 IMG_3385 IMG_3404 IMG_3405

As you can see, the design are based on their early ones, from when their workshop was in their little room at The Burrows, and not the one that you now can find at Weasleys’ wizard Wheezes.

Online I have found recipes for the items inside the box, and I plan to at least try out the Fever Fudge once, and maybe some of the others as well.

Peruvian Instant Darkness Powder

This one was really fun. I based it on this video, with minor changes. For instance I used mod podge instead of wallpaper paste, or whatever she was using. And I painted them black before I put on the glitter, to be sure the white weren’t visible underneath the glitter. It’s a bit tricky to show you how cool they are with just some photos. I feel that you can’t really see the glitter that well, but I promise – they are cool. I filled a whole mason jar with these in no time. (I took the photos after my first batch, so I don’t have a picture of the end product.) I want to make a label for the jar, but still in the brainstorming process for that one.
IMG_3400 IMG_3401 IMG_3402

A hat and a moustache

Two products from Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes, with a “detour” through my head. I’m sure these products doesn’t look like this, but I don’t mind. Found the labels online, and then I picked up ideas along the way from the real world. Like the anti-gravity hat is made out of an empty can of Pringles which I painted red. Inside I wanted one of those pointy hats meant for witches. But none of the four toy stores I went had one, so for now you’ll find a pirate hat inside.
For the moustache I found a fake moustache in a toy store. Ripped of the packaging, and threw it away, except the moustache-shaped plastic piece in front. Cut out a square of cardboard, painted it white, glued on the label and the plastic (with the moustache underneath of course) and I was done. IMG_3396

Weasleys’ fireworks

Since the “Order of the Phoenix” the Weasley twins has been kind of famous for their fireworks, so my suitcase would not be complete without it. I did a simple craft out of what I had at home. To the left is the “Bombtastic bomb”, made out of styrofoam, some cardboard and a piece of yarn, top that with two coats of paint and this is the result. I found the design for the box online, and I may make a box for it in the future.

The two rockets (middle and right) are made out of free fantasy. I took the names from actual products in the Weasleys’ line of fireworks, but I am pretty sure they don’t look like these. They are made out of the cores from paper rolls, some cardboard and paper.

A Weasley suitcase

I’m sure you all remember the Weasley twins, and their penchant for pranks and fun. I decided to make my own suitcase filled with self-made products from Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes. I found the picture above, and figured it would be my inspiration. As I don’t have a lot of old suitcases lying around, I had to think outside the box, or in this case – inside the box. I took a box made out of cardboard, painted it brown and some gold (didn’t have the right nuance of orange) and I was done.
IMG_3368 (2) IMG_3377