A hat and a moustache

Two products from Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes, with a “detour” through my head. I’m sure these products doesn’t look like this, but I don’t mind. Found the labels online, and then I picked up ideas along the way from the real world. Like the anti-gravity hat is made out of an empty can of Pringles which I painted red. Inside I wanted one of those pointy hats meant for witches. But none of the four toy stores I went had one, so for now you’ll find a pirate hat inside.
For the moustache I found a fake moustache in a toy store. Ripped of the packaging, and threw it away, except the moustache-shaped plastic piece in front. Cut out a square of cardboard, painted it white, glued on the label and the plastic (with the moustache underneath of course) and I was done. IMG_3396


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