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Platform 9 3/4 – sign (decoration)

Was a bot bored the other day, and decided to do as I always do when I’m bored, meaning make a little something. With the theme party coming up I wanted to make some decoration.
Found bit a of cardboard and mixed up a nice red colour to paint it. While the paint dried, I printed out a Hogwarts logo and a 9 3/4 mark. Painted on “Hogwarts Express” in yellow lettering, glued on the pieces of paper using ModPodge and just like that I was done.

Took me like 15 minutes, so was bored again pretty quick, but hey, at least I have some new decoration for my party. Going to pair this up with a suitcase or so, and a couple of boxes and an owl. Think of the trolleys of the Hogwarts student when they are entering platform 9 3/4.


Ah..yes.. One can see where I have used ModPodge. Just so you are aware if you are to try this yourself. You might take more care while applying, or you can cover the whole sign. 


Harry Potter Theme Party – textbooks

For the theme party all the guest will among other things pay a visit to Diagon Alley, and some selected stores there. One of these stores is Flourish and Blott’s. The display will be my many many Harry Potter books, and some textbooks I made by printing out covers and glue them onto other books. But the fun thing for the guest is that they can buy their own textbook before heading to Hogwarts. I made “The Standard Book of Spells” from scratch with a little help from the internet on the content. It’s a very short one, because it’s not like we are gonna sit down and read through a fifty-pages long book in the middle of a party, but still it will be fun.

Later I figured I wanted more than one book for sale, and since I had a lot of fur left from the making of “The Monster Book of Monsters”, I wanted to see if I could make smaller versions for my guest. I bought A6 sized notebooks, and some cheap eyes from the craft store. This time I didn’t use my money on styrofoam, but tried to make-do with crumbled up newspaper. Here are some pictures of the result:

IMG_4377 IMG_4379 IMG_4381

They are not as great as the big version, but I hope my guest will love them anyway. At least I would if I were a guest in this party, but I might be a bit biased.

Harry Potter Theme Party – Place card

My theme party is coming up (only six weeks away now) and I’ve made the place card. At least for the ones who already have sent their RSVP. I have a thing for turning book pages into crafts and pretty things, so it was obvious to me how to make them. I ripped pages out of a Harry Potter book ( bought one at the thrift store long ago for the purpose of using the book pages to crafts), and wrote on names in a Harry Potter-inspired font. Since its drawn on by hand the edges aren’t perfect and straight, but hey, that’s the charm – right?

IMG_4375 IMG_4376

The Monster Book of monsters

We all know the furry and a bit scary book from third year, which Hagrid thought was a great choice as textbook for Care of magical creatures. Coming face to face with this book might not be all that fun, unless one is Hagrid, but the consept of it is intriguing. Therefore I decided to make my own, and this was the result.

monstersbook-gif PotterWeek-016-1024x683 PotterWeek-032-1024x683

I went to the thrift store and bought an old copy of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, but any book would do. From there to the craft store to buy furry fabric and eyes. I wanted a little “bump” for the ..uh..eye-area, so I got some styrofoam as well.

Cut a piece of fabric that would cover the book. Glue the styrofoam onto the book where you wants the eyes to be. Glue the back piece of the book onto the fabric. Now you can easily see where on the fabric your eyes should be and can sew them on in their proper places. Then glue the rest of the fabric onto the front of the book. And I mean hot glue, not your regular glue. Now you could do what you want really – I decied to cut little triangles on the edge of the fabric and cut some of the fur shorter in the front, which made it easier to paint on the title.