The Monster Book of monsters

We all know the furry and a bit scary book from third year, which Hagrid thought was a great choice as textbook for Care of magical creatures. Coming face to face with this book might not be all that fun, unless one is Hagrid, but the consept of it is intriguing. Therefore I decided to make my own, and this was the result.

monstersbook-gif PotterWeek-016-1024x683 PotterWeek-032-1024x683

I went to the thrift store and bought an old copy of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, but any book would do. From there to the craft store to buy furry fabric and eyes. I wanted a little “bump” for the ..uh..eye-area, so I got some styrofoam as well.

Cut a piece of fabric that would cover the book. Glue the styrofoam onto the book where you wants the eyes to be. Glue the back piece of the book onto the fabric. Now you can easily see where on the fabric your eyes should be and can sew them on in their proper places. Then glue the rest of the fabric onto the front of the book. And I mean hot glue, not your regular glue. Now you could do what you want really – I decied to cut little triangles on the edge of the fabric and cut some of the fur shorter in the front, which made it easier to paint on the title.


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