Platform 9 3/4 – sign (decoration)

Was a bot bored the other day, and decided to do as I always do when I’m bored, meaning make a little something. With the theme party coming up I wanted to make some decoration.
Found bit a of cardboard and mixed up a nice red colour to paint it. While the paint dried, I printed out a Hogwarts logo and a 9 3/4 mark. Painted on “Hogwarts Express” in yellow lettering, glued on the pieces of paper using ModPodge and just like that I was done.

Took me like 15 minutes, so was bored again pretty quick, but hey, at least I have some new decoration for my party. Going to pair this up with a suitcase or so, and a couple of boxes and an owl. Think of the trolleys of the Hogwarts student when they are entering platform 9 3/4.


Ah..yes.. One can see where I have used ModPodge. Just so you are aware if you are to try this yourself. You might take more care while applying, or you can cover the whole sign. 


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