Harry Potter Theme Party – pt. 1 (information)

2nd of July I finally had my theme party in honor of my 25th birthday. It was of course Harry Potter-themed. I sent out invitations, which were looking like an acceptance letter. I have made a copy for “Hermione Granger” for you to see what it looked like. You can find it here: Invitation

As my birthday gift I asked for 100 NOK (about 12 USD ) to cover some of the expanses I had making this theme party great. To make a little show out of it, they could exchange the money to wizard money when they visited Gringotts. And then they could use the wizard money to “buy” different things during the day.

Dress code was muggle or wizarding clothes. And surprisingly many showed up in robes or something wizardly. My own parents went all out and came as Professor McGonagall and Professor Dumbledore, and I had no idea until they stood there looking at me over their glasses.


I decided to make a full day out of the party. That way we could have different activities, and cover a lot of Harry Potter-related things, but without any stress. It also gave me a lot of time to participate in the activities and spend time with the guest. I was worried that I would spend a lot of time preparing for the next thing, and not really have the time to enjoy the party myself. This way everyone could have fun, including myself. But people had the option of arriving later, if they could not be there for the whole day.

Tomorrow I will tell you about the first part of the day, which included movie time for breakfast and double potions class, so stay tuned.


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