Harry Potter Theme Party – pt. 2

Some of the guest came from far away, and therefore I gave them the option of staying the whole weekend. Meaning that for breakfast we were ten people present. I decided to give the theme party a slow beginning, and said the breakfast would be whenever people wanted between 09.00-11.00, but that I would start a movie at nine for those who wanted to get into the Harry Potter-mood right away. Not everyone showed up at nine, but when they first got there they were glued to the screen (as they should be).


After the movie it was time for school, meaning Potions class. I had asked my sister if she wanted to be a professor in Potions, since she in the muggle world is a teacher in physics and the like. She had made us an exciting class with different potions to brew and experiments to try.

IMG_4897 IMG_4917
In the picture above you can see some of the potions we made. First we brewed something that would reveal poison. And then we made different concoctions that we would pour the first potion in. To begin with all the concoction had the same colour, but the first potion would reveal if there was poison in any of the concoctions. Red means there are no poison, green is dangerous and yellow is the worst of the worst. We all really felt like witches and wizards when all the concoctions changed colours, and had no logical explanation to it. In addition to this there was a couple of other experiments, and a lot of fun.

In between classes I used my time to decorate some in the “common room”. I had a lot of pictures of all the details, but I guess it’s not necessary for you to see it all, so I will just put up a couple.

IMG_4960 IMG_4963

Tomorrow’s post will be about our quidditch match, so stay tuned.



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