Homemade Racing Brooms

For the theme party I wanted brooms. I thought I would make them quite simple, but I asked my brother for help and he wanted to make them look really cool. It was more work, but a lot more fun to see the end result. We are lucky enough to own some land with plenty of trees to make brooms of. We cut down some young trees, which were the perfect size for broom handles. We aslo cut a lot of twigs to make the broom tails.

IMG_4462 IMG_4466 IMG_4469

At the tail end of the sticks I used newspaper to make it look like a broom tail, and then put brown paper around it all.


Then comes the “hard” part, which is to make the twigs go around it and look pretty and even. With some practice we turned into pros, but in the beginning it can be some fails. We used “invisible” fishing line to tie the twigs to the tail. Several rounds at each end, and some around the rest to make it look more pretty and lean. We put some rope around the top end as a detail, but it also helps to hold everything in place.

IMG_4471 IMG_4650

There you have it. This is the first broom we finished, and we were so proud. We made 14 brooms in total, so we were real pros at the end and could do it real fast and make it look even better than this one. But first we had to take it for a test ride (test fly?).

IMG_4663 IMG_4691

I’m a bit scared of heights, so didn’t fly that high above the ground, but it is still loads of fun. Mostly I took care of photographing and my brother did the flying, or the jumping as the muggles would call it.


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