Theme Party – Gringotts

Here’s a picture of what Gringotts looked like at the theme party. To the left you can see the “marauders map” I made, which has my name and the event in the middle. I had everyone write their name on it, like a guestbook. After the party I framed it, and now it is a keepsake in memory of the party.


I have taken some photos to show some of the details:

The sign is quite simple. I found the logo online, and the verse is from the book. You know, when they enter the bank, this is written outside. I just wrote it in Word, found a font I tought was fitting and chose a color that was close to the one in the logo.

The package, which is supposed to be the package Hagrid picks up from vault 713, which contains the philosopher’s stone. I made a shape out of newspaper and cardboard, wrapped it up in brown paper and some string. Made the string look a bit old by letting it take a bath in coffee. I added the tag, so people would pick up on what it was.

Found a template for the letter online. Printed it out, and did what the template said, and finished it up by adding some string, and a wax seal on the back.


In the small pouches I had golden plastic coins, and some old bronze coins. The gold ones were galleons, and the bronze ones were knuts. As decoration I also had some keys (from the craft store), bank notes (found online), a gold bar (made it myself, based on a picture I saw from Orlando), and some “diamonds”.


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