Theme party – Honeydukes (decoration)

Hi guys!

I wanted to share some of the thing I made for Honeydukes. I don’t have any fancy machines, like a Silhouette Cameo, and therefore things look more homemade or simple. But I think I manage quite well.

First up is the sign I made. I thought that a banner was something that Honeydukes could do. I used pink and green paper to make the elements, and then attached them to a white band. Basically all you need to make this is paper, band, glue and a scissor. If you don’t do letters that well, you could write them in Word, and print it out on green paper, and then use X-ACTO knife to cut them out.

Like I mentioned earlier I made chocolate frogs. I ordered a mold of Amazon, and it was so easy to use. You just melt chocolate, pour it in the mold. Leave it in the refrigerator for about 10-15 minutes, or longer to be on the safe side, and then you just turn the mold upside down and the frogs will slip out. I was worried that they would stick to the mold, but you can’t even see a trace of them left in the mold. I made some boxes out of templates I found online, but  it turned out that my frogs were to big for the boxes. I decided to just make some for decorations, because it is a lot of work cutting the boxes and folding them.

The big box is the offical box, which I bought when I visited Leavesden Studio. 

I also made boxes for Bertie Botts Every Flavour Beans. Again, I found a template online. It took quite some time to make these, because I needed so many, and it takes time to cut it out and fold.

IMG_5827 IMG_5829

The first one I made turned out to be a lot bigger than I expected it to be. Had to rescale it, and on second attempt I got this handy size. At first I was thinking to cover the inside with cellofan or something to make the little windows, and then just pour in beans. But I didn’t have that much beans, and decided to just make little cellofan bags with beans and then just put in there. People would be excited over them anyway.

I found some labels online, but it wasn’t what I pictured in my head. But found an empty template here, which I used to make labels. Here are the labels I made, including the empty one.

#Honeydukes1 #Honeydukes

I found the Honeydukes logo as well, and for some of the containers I used that, and had the label lying next to it. A tip for you is to use milk to “glue” the labels onto the containers. It will stick really well, but if you put it in warm water then it will slip off easily.

IMG_5830 IMG_5831

That was it for Honeydukes. Hope you liked it!


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