As I mentioned in my last post, my project these last days have been to make a mandrake.
I have been thinking about making this for a long time now, and at my last trip to IKEA I picked up one of these fake plants, and figured I would give it a shot. It was not the perfect plant to get the “correct” look of a mandrake, but nonetheless I liked it.

What you need to make this:
– a plant of some sort (preferably a fake one, so it won’t wither and die)
– something to shape the body of the mandrake – I used newspaper and aluminium foil
– hot glue and a glue gun
– plaster gauze
– paint and paintbrush


First you need to shape the body. I picked a “plant” with a long stem to build the body around. I made volume with balled up newspaper, and then I used aluminium foil on top of that to create the shape. I also used aluminum foil to make arms and legs. Arms and legs was my biggest worry, but in the end I just stop caring that they would not look like a bundle of roots and nothing like the movie at all.


The next step was to make it more solid by covering the body in plaster gauze. I did not cover all of the arms and legs, because I wanted to be able to move them.

img_6235 img_6238

Then you just need to paint it. I painted it all in a “beige” colour, and then layered with brown and a hint of green to make it look a little more like it lives in soil and dirt.


And there you have it. My little mandrake, which turned out to be a little bigger than I imagined. Now I’ll be looking for pink earmuffs in the stores, and later I’ll make a little herbology display including this, some terracotta pots, earmuffs, and whatever more I will find/make.


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