Q&A – week 41

⚡ Favorite Hogwarts class?
– I think my personal favorite would be Charms class.

⚡ Favorite professor?
          – Of the ones that stayed for more than just a brief amount of time I must say Prof.                           McGonagall. But I did also like Remus Lupin, even though his stay was very short. 

⚡ Which subjects would you take for your OWLs?
– I would of course continue the basic subjects:
            Defense Against the Dark Arts
History of Magic
In addition to these I would probably take Ancient Runes and Arithmancy. And maybe                  Care of Magical Creatures as well. 

⚡ Favorite spell?
– I think I would love to know “accio”. It would come in handy for sure! As a good
runner-up is “lumos” because dark spaces makes me nervous. 

⚡ Harry Potter this week?
– I’m currently in France on a holiday, and therefore no creative projects. But I do have a                 project. Earlier this year I figured out that I would start a collection, so every time I find                 myself in a country where they speak a foreign language, I’ll find a book store and buy a               copy of Harry Potter in that language. It’s like a souvenir from the places I go. So far I
have a german and a polish version, in addition to english and norwegian (my language).             And this week I hope to expand the collection to include a french version as well.  


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