When in France – Harry Potter “haul”

Even on holiday my mind will not take a break from Harry Potter. I spent quite some time in book stores, browsing their Harry Potter display and be frustrated with myself for never learning french. They had things I have never seen here in Norway, and I was tempted to buy a lot of things. Fortunate for my bank balance I only bought one book – namely the philosopher’s stone, but in french.


This book is now my third book in the collection of Harry Potter in foreign languages. Not counting my books in english.

I also went to Primark (as you do if you find yourself in a country where they have Primark), and I search every rack and shelf for Harry Potter clothing, and spent two thirds of my time in the fitting room trying them all on. I had a bit of bad luck as many of the items I wanted were sold out in my size. But at least I got myself a jersey and socks.

I know I’m not a Gryffindor, but loved the jersey anyway. And I think it’s supposed to be Harry’s quidditch jersey, and not like a Gryffindor jersey.


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