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Advent Calendar

A few months back I saw this blogpost over at Juliette, and she had made this wonderful advent calendar. I simply had to make one for myself. She had templates and step by step explanations. I got everything I needed. Since her template was in french, I decided to do some alteration, namely changing the words from french to norwegian (since I don’t really speak french). I also had to try and fail a couple of times to get the templates to the right size for my box. I guess if you do not alter them they would fit perfectly.

Anyway, here are some pictures of my project. As you can see it is not as neat as Juliette, and I did blue glitter instead of gold. But I love it!

img_6159 img_6164 img_6167 img_6176 img_6178 img_6179 img_6180 img_7207 img_7208
On the front it says: “Advent Calendar”, and then “Harry Potter” as you probably can see.

On the back I wrote: “24 magical days”.


Again, you can find the post with templates and everything right HERE. It is in french, but you could allow google translate to translate the page for you. It will not be perfect, but you get the gist.


Fantastic Beast and Where to Find Them

Oh, my heart. At midnight last night I went to see “Fantastic Beast and Where to find them”. It was amazing. And I loved how you could see the fans in house scarfs, costumes and full of excitement. It was a little to crowded to get good pictures, so unfortunately I don’t have that many.

I wanted so bad to take one of these with me. Maybe I’ll ask them if I can get one when the movie is no longer screening.

I guess you can’t really tell, but this is the ticket for the cinema. If you look closely you’ll see the word “Fabeldyr”, which means Fantastic Beast. As you might also see, I saw it in 3D. They also had a 2D screening, but we chose the 3D. It was great. A few moments the subtitles were hard to read because of the 3D-effect, but mostly it was great. I think it might brought a little more life to the creatures. But I guess the movie is fantastic in both 2D and 3D.

Meeting the translator

A couple weekends back there was a Harry Potter evening at the student center in town. The man who translated the books into norwegian was there. His name is Torstein Bugge Høverstad ( a very norwegian name). To us, that was very exciting. He is the one who opened the world of Harry Potter to us. As children we were far far far from fluent enough in english, to actually be able to read the books in english,  so we needed them in norwegian. And this man made it possible.

At first he talked about how it was to work with the books and make proper translations. What was his process, what of his work was he satisfied with, and maybe some things not that much, etc. He also answered some questions from the audience. And then the most thrilling part. He is the one who made the audiobooks in norwegian, and therefore he read an excerpt from Order of the Phoenix. It was so much fun to hear him make the voices of different characters and tell the tale of Harry Potter.

img_6897 img_6898

After I dragged my friend over to him to get one of my norwegian copies signed by him. Just under the part that says “Translated from english by Torstein Bugge Høverstad”


So much fun. Totally worth standing in line for. Fortunatly I was there early, and they actually had to close the doors very quickly, because pretty much every Potter fan was in that line, and the room could not cope.