Harry Potter Studios 2018 – part three

Last of my pictures from my trip to Leavensden. Still so much more that I haven’t shown you, but I guess you have to go for yourself to see all that amazingness (which is not a word…) which is Harry Potter Studios. I have been once before, but they had new additions and it was well worth a new trip. I feel like they keep working to make it bigger and better all the time, and I love that.


5 thoughts on “Harry Potter Studios 2018 – part three

    1. ingridstrand Post author

      I know! Last time I was there it was no forest, no train and you couldn’t enter Privet Drive. And all these little things around that changes. Totally worth the second trip! Maybe even a third, but now I’m saving up for Orlando!

      1. scatteredstars

        It looks even more magical than before and I don’t even know how thats possible, I’ve been twice but I definitely want to go again! Woah thats crazy, I’d love to go to Orlando! ❤

      2. ingridstrand Post author

        They use magic to make it magical I guess, but don’t tell the muggles! It’s gonna take me ages to save up, but I think it will be worth it in the end ❤

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