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DIY: Golden Egg (Triwizard Tournament)

A while ago I saw this tutorial from TheCraftMaiden;

Last week it was time to try it myself. It was real fun, and such a sense of accomplishment when you have the finished egg. My egg turned out a little different than hers, because of access to materials and level of skills. To me it was the first time ever using worbla and soldering iron, so my lines weren’t as neat and clean as hers, but still!

Included some pictures of my project as well as my finished egg. If you have questions to anything you see of mine, feel free to ask.


I can add that I did not include lights. I had some fairy lights at first, but decided to leave it out because it was troublesome to turn them on and off, and the egg got a little heavy on one side because of the batteries and the egg fell over every now and then.