Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery

For the past few weeks I have been trying the new Harry Potter themed game from Portkey Games, Jam City and Warner Bros. Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery is kind of a role-playing video game. You create an avatar and go to Hogwarts. While there, things happens and you take classes, and there is a plot aside from that, you make friends and enemies, in other words; you get the Hogwarts experience.

You have to make choices along the way. You can’t really change the whole plot or anything, but you can affect little things, like your house points or skill level. I am currently in my second year. Every year has some chapters, in which you will learn certain things, take certain lessons and meet certain people. Below you can see my avatar:

All pictures are screenshots from the game, and all you see is created by Jam City. 
You can change your clothes, your hair, your facial features and make it look more like yourself or something you want it too look like. Aside from going through the school year and levels, you also earn points within three traits, as seen on the right side. A higher level enables more choices and gives more of a bonus in some cases.

You will have different tasks, like a lesson in transfiguration, as seen above. You might see the blue lines, they indicate that there is something you can do with this person or object to gain points in that lesson. You have to gain points to get the stars needed for the lesson. (See the bar at the top?)

You can also do things outside of the classroom, and throughout the game more rooms or areas in the school will be available to you.

I am not the most avid player. I play every now and then, not even every day. Empty out my energy bar, and come back another day, unless I am in the middle of a task and just have to wait for the refill, then I’ll come back an hour later or something to finish the task. Sometimes I forget that I am in the middle of something and the task will have run out of time, and I have to start over. I have seen that some complain about the waiting time for energy, but personally I don’t find it a bother. I guess for those who actually go in several times a day, it can be bothersome, but I am sure the developers have thought this through. I am glad that there is a limit to how much one can do in one go, otherwise I would have played the whole thing through in a night, and then what.

Are you guys playing? How are you feeling about this game? I like the game, and I’m looking forward to see what happens later in the game.


9 thoughts on “Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery

  1. Etep

    Is this mobile or pc game? Is it necessary to stay connected to internet to play it? (I can just check it myself). I played most of the Harry Potter pc games by EA. Also played first lego Harry Potter game. I don’t think I finished it. EA ones are kinda famous for not being that good. Goblet of fire really did not make any sense. Constant fighting with some dinosaur looking monsters and giant wasps.

    1. Etep

      Nah. Not gonna play it. 2 year old phone and it’s already obsolete. It’s not compatible with this version. Not gonna buy new phone if everything else works perfectly.

      1. Etep

        This is weird. Did not let me download it from play store, but I found it on apkhere.com (probably not legal website but I guess this one is okay to download cause it’s free). And until now everything works perfectly.

    2. ingridstrand Post author

      I played the first EA Game, and I actually miss it even though the graphic was terrible. I still have the CD for the game, but new computers won’t allow it to play. Haven’t played any of the others. I might buy the lego one for PlayStation some time, but for now I am happy with this mobile game. There will be other games from Portkey Games later, so I am excited to see what they are. But yeah, it’s not worth buying a new phone just to play this game!

      1. Etep

        There’s almost no legal way to play old games on modern computers. Depends from how much time you want to invest to get to play them. There’s website called emuparadise.me (could be blocked in some countries. If it is have to use some vpn client to get there). There are different types of HP games. I can play playstation1 (HP1,HP2. they are not just copies of pc ones), gameboy (colour and advanced) on my android phone using emulators (such us classicboy, ePSXe, RetroArch) from there. There are also emulators to play on windows. Old PC HP games are harder to get running on windows 10. But there are couple of ways. I tried only virtualbox (open source) (kinda makes virtual computer inside computer). I used tutorial and links (in description) from EverythingEpan 2017 8 minute video on youtube to install xp on it (xp i’m told is easier to install than previous windows versions). To install game there’s some tinkering in devices tab to get disc reader to connect with virtual one. Otherwise installing is like on normal computer. I haven’t completely figured out everything myself. When I started HP1 I got some issues with mouse. I clicked to add mouse in device > usb tab (or something like that) and cursor started to work fine in game (that locked cursor inside the borders of virtual desktop). Had no game sound for some reason. Also since that locked mouse were not usable outside virtual display I had to use keyboard keys to close virtual xp, or connecting second mouse to actual pc that wasn’t added to virtual pc (makes no sense) also helped. There are ways to figure it out. Change settings, make screen bigger like in regular xp, have to be a way to get game sound too. But my head hurts so I ganna leave it for later.

  2. Etep

    Sound fixed it self when I restarted the game. If anyone decides to go through this using virtualbox there also could be a issue after that computer don’t let delete those not anymore needed .iso (they are something like virtual cd) files- I could do that after restarting computer. And somewhere there was a tab were clicking check and optical drives (or something like that) there is an option to remove them from list so nothing pops up saying that virtualbox can’t find them anymore.
    There’s other methods to play old H.P. pc games on new computer (I didn’t try them), one mentioned deleting some update ( I wouldn’t do that cause it could make computer less safe), other was downloading some hacked version and using some kind of dodgy program. Using virtual machine could be only legal way (if non pirated version of xp is used (if someone still has left xp (or other version that supports those games) installation cd) and non pirated game cd, instead of iso file) to play them on modern computer. I also downloaded HP1 pc game no cd crack and replaced that HP file (not icon one) in EA games system folder (inside virtual xp program files folder) so I don’t have to insert disc everytime to play it (downloaded that one were in compressed file extension name had to remove letter d). Moved it to virtual xp using usb that I had to connect in devices>usb tab (there are different way using shared folders or something I just did not wanted to search in wich tutorial I seen that). Sounds more complicated than it is. Is just mostly figuring what does what. That’s how I got it playable on windows 10.

    1. Etep

      Also xp is bit different. Have to copy files to move them, just dragging creates shortcuts.

      1. ingridstrand Post author

        You seems to be well versed in the way computers works, where as I don’t. I think I’ll stick with what I have, wouldn’t do to mess up my computer somehow and end with it being useless.

      2. Etep

        That’s definitely is a smart idea. These games are not worth risk to mess up computer. If anyone decides to go through this that is only on their own responsibility. I can’t give any guarantees that some of the files couldn’t contain virus. Also accidentally installing xp on actual computer instead of virtual one would be a massive f-up. Even doing this I accidentally destroyed my usb memory stick with my 100 to 40 year old famiy photos on it (which I stupidly use) (probably accidentally formated it). But at least I was not that dumb to have those as only copies and I also still have originals.

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