Craft: Prophecy Orb

Spoiler: If you have seen Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, (and the movies after that one) you probably remember the prophecy. Harry and his friends goes to the Ministry of Magic, to “save” Sirius and there they encounter the prophecy room, which includes Harrys own prophecy.

Inspired by that very prophecy I wanted to try to make one. Found a reference photo on the internet (see below). In the movie we mostly see the orb itself, and not the base that much. But the base is the fun part to make, so here we go.

I ignored the whole black block, which is not really a part of it. Just something it stands on when they sell it at The Noble Collection or wherever they sell it. Started out with Fimo Clay to create the dragons. Are they dragons? Someone here with more knowlegde of mythical creatures?

Gave them a light roast in the oven, as per the instructions on the package. While the dragons were chillin’ in the heat I sprayed the ‘orb’ with Satin Lacquer.

For the orb I used one of these “DIY christmas ornament baubles”. Can you tell I have no clue what to call it whatsoever? When the varnish/lacquer was completly dry, I cut of the little protruding bits. Should probably have done that before I sprayed them, but hey, it worked fine. Stuffed the bauble with iridescent foil to make it look a little more like in the movie. As you can see in the reference pic, there is nothing in the orb there, but in the movie it has this kind of swirling blue-white smoke… Yeah. My description might leave something to be desired. See the movie or google it, and you’ll know what I mean.

Anyway, my dragons were done with their roasting and cooling and I proceeded to paint. I used spray paint in the exciting color gold. Had to do it in several turns to make sure every angle was covered.

When dry, I painted it a little more. This time I went over with black to enhance the details. You paint with black and then you wipe it off with a cloth or something. Some of the black will remain in the creases.

In the picture above you can see the difference before (right) and after (left) I have applied some black paint. It’s not that much of a difference, but it gives an aged feel to it. Leave it to dry for one last time. Then I put my orb and dragons together, and it is complete. One could glue the orb to the base, but I wanted to be able to take them apart, so it’s just resting on top.

If you compare it to the reference photo, you’ll see that they aren’t that similar, but it was fun to make and I am happy with it.


7 thoughts on “Craft: Prophecy Orb

  1. Pete

    I don’t understand this comment system. Fourth time trying to ad reply. Does not explain what I’m doing wrong (email or name). I just wanted to write that they are basilisks. And tell it’s pretty. Who knows how many people gives up on commenting after first failed try.

  2. Pete

    Now it showed up. Someone was my third try that did not show up then. Also shows ‘Your comment is awaiting moderation’. Feeeek. The frustration. GOOD JOB. YOU ARE AMAZING. I’m done. Going to sleep angry.

    1. ingridstrand Post author

      Got all of your comments, and I appriciate that you tried so hard to tell me they are basilisk (plural). And yes, I am aware that the black box is connected to it, but I don’t think they had the black box in the movie, but only a part of the replica that they sell. Did that make sense? Even if I am wrong, I prefer it without the black box on my shelf.

      Hope you didn’t stay angry for long! You are amazing as well 🙂

      1. Pete

        I’m fine. Now I kinda wish first comments realy would just disappeared. No idea what happened. Maybe phones browsers fault. I thought maybe website did not recognise posted links and takes them as spam, or does not recognise less known email web pages so I tried Gmail, or name was not unique enough. Also tried different browser. Also did not know that comments have to go through moderation first before being posted. Turns out all got through. At least last three end up showing and saying that they waiting for moderation. I actually don’t remember what stand there was in the movie. I thought this could be just a generic Harry Potter style design. Would be weird if in the ministry they had some specialy made stand that has heir of slytherin wibes. It’s not like they did know or prophecy ever got out of the ministry. But yeah I did get that about that black block display thing and it clearly does not fit in that design anyway. Sorry for this mess😓 I’m a moron.

  3. Pete

    Already too much explaining. But just wanted to completely clarify this weirdness. I assumed that if reply did not show up it’s because it somehow was against the rules. So I tried to figure out what was wrong so I would be able to comment on WordPress pages. I had no idea about this comment verification option. My mistake was to use phones inbuilt web browser (probably issues with cookies and cache) and after trying to post that someone comment in chrome- not refreshing the page. I realised how massively I have f-up after I posted first comment by Pete and that awaiting for moderation showed up. If that is the option for you you could just delete all of these. You already know what I tried to say. Or I can just change the name and pretend this never happened.

    1. ingridstrand Post author

      No worries. I would be confused too. Will try to change the comment moderation thingy…
      But yeah, you are correct about it being weird that they had a basilisk stand for this prophecy, I would the MoM would have like generic stands for all the orbs, but we all know the MoM was a bit weird at times so yeah. It is magic, so maybe the magic makes a stand that fits the prophecy for all I know. Now I will probably wonder about this for days…


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