GeekGear Wizardry – June 2018

Firstly, this heat is killing me. Secondly, Why did I move to somewhere this far from the post office. I have to walk there and back again, and it will literally take me more than an hour to pick up a package at the post office.

Most of the year I am fine with it, but in this heat… Like I said, it’s killing me. I came back home an hour ago, and I am still sweating. More information than you needed I am sure, but I simply had to rant about this heat. If you wonder, it is not THAT warm, but in this area this is considered a heat wave or something. Right now, it is 28° celsius, which is like 82° Fahrenheit for those of you who doesn’t know celsius.

But I am willing to put up with this heat to pick up my Geek Gear box. It was not my favourite box of the year, but it was a nice box. I am not showing everything here, but took some pictures to show some of my favourites from this box.

// Had to put this up to get it all in frame. It is about 1,5 meter long. This one is the Ravenclaw one. Meaning there are different ones for all the houses.

// It was so hard to take a good picture of this necklace. It is four “gems” in your house colour and one house mascot in some sort of metal. They are all loose, and will move around inside this case.


3 thoughts on “GeekGear Wizardry – June 2018

  1. Etep

    Dryest and warmest spring and summer in Latvia in like 70 years. Gonna be like 30% loss of crops. Fall and winter probably gonna be just constant rain. Most days are like mostly about 25 and then in the middle randomly could be days with 15 Celsius.

    That necklace apparently is hold together by magnets (according to some they work by magic). You can open it and put your own charms in it (if it’s the same I seen).

    1. ingridstrand Post author

      Yeah, I guess it will be some loss here as well. The grass is brownish so I guess the crops aren’t faring any better. Spring was okay, so hopefully some crops are salvageable.

      It looked like it could be opened. I didn’t try because I was afraid it was not meant to be opened, and I just would break it by trying.

  2. Etep

    Not whole spring. May was worst. Previous months were on the cold side. That’s why it’s great to be a part of global markets. It specially for smaller countries. People getting pissed when their prices go up cause somwere in other side of the world something happens, but nobody cheers when prices stay the same when something affects crops in your own country. Last year there were many fields flooded, but small countries practically can’t affect whole global markets so prices stayed the same. And only people affected were farmers (and they can get some compensation). In countries with closed markets like North Keorea these type of events could be devastating (lack of materials for products, prices skyrocketing, famin and so on). (But that’s boring weather and economy stuff).


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