Trying candy from Honeydukes (WB Studio Tour)

While at the Warner Bros Studio Tour (Harry Potter) I bought a lot of things, which you might remember from this post here, including Harry Potter themed candy. Fast forward a couple of months and finally I got around to actually taste them. I approached it like a research task, made a worksheet and all.

 As you can see I not only had a column for taste, but also for looks, which included design, accessibility (easy access to the candy is important) and size. But now; results!

// First test object was the Chocolate Frog. Possibly the most famous Harry Potter themed candy? It cost £8.95 for one box, which includes one frog and one card. The design of the box reminds me of the movies, and does have that magical feel in its design. It is an unusual shaped box, and has ornamental design. It is also bigger than expected.

It taste like milk chocolate. It is nothing special about it, which makes it an option for a lot of people I guess. The frog it self is massive, and I would recommend to cut it into pieces to make it easier to eat. Overall I would recommend this one. It has the Harry Potter feel to it, through the way it looks and you do get a magical card. And most people like milk chocolate, right?

//Next up was Sherbet Lemon, which is known as one of Dumbledores favourites. The box has a more traditional look. Nothing ‘magical’ by it, but it does have the Honeydukes logo and Honeydukes colours. They have a range of sweets with this kind of design, which I think it’s meant to be muggle candy. Correct me if I am wrong! Dumbledore offeres Sherbet Lemon to McGonagall and she doesn’t know what it is, and Dumbledore tells her it’s some sort of muggle sweets. And the other sweets with this kind of design also seems to be ‘muggle sweets’. I do like that this is a tin can, and easily can be reused by owner.

In way of taste, it is like a traditional hard boiled candy with lemony flavour. It has some citric acid which give it some sourness, but it is not overwhelming in any way. If you don’t bite it/chew it up one will last you about 15 minutes. One whole box of Sherbet Lemon cost £10.

As you might have noticed I switch between calling it candy and sweets. I guess one is american and one is british, but since I am neither it just won’t stick. 

// Fizzing Whizzbees. £ 8.00. I wasn’t sure what to expect from this one. Chose it from the shelf based on looks and a vague memory of it being mentioned in a book or two. The packaging is a little quirky, which fits the theme of Honeydukes and Harry Potter I guess.

It turned out to be milk chocolate with some crunch in there. There was a hint of some other flavour (fruity?), but hard to place since it was barely there. It was good, but didn’t feel like it matched the description on the box, “Made with Chocolatey Fizzy Fruit”. I guess the ‘fizzy fruit’ is the crunchy bits.

// Exploding bonbons. Again, a quirky packaging. This might be the one with the ‘hardest’ access to the candy, but still fairly simple. I kind of liked that the chocolate was individually wrapped, not enviromentally, but aesthetically. I am kind of picky when it comes to candy (and food), so I was a little sceptical to this one since it had white chocolate and pineapple in it (Yeah, I am one of those people), but it turned out to be the best tasting ones. It was smooth, almost creamy, and rich in flavour. The taste lingered for a long time. Felt like expensive chocolate to me, not that I have much experience with that though. I would recommend to eat it at room temperature, and not straight from the fridge! Expensive tasting or not, it cost me £8.00.

// Sugar quill. Do not remember what this cost, and can’t find my receipt… I liked the look of this one. It is a fun way to have lollipops. Not what I imagined it would be from the books, but you can see these in the movie. They are quite big. Hard to compare them to a regular lollipop when they are in this shape, so I can’t really tell.

Unfortunatly it tasted weird. Not sure what the flavour was supposed to be. I thought beforehand that it would have the taste of some red berry or fruit, but it was like licorice mixed with something else that I couldn’t place. I threw it away to be honest, it was not to my taste. But again, I am picky, so someone else might would have liked it. Just not expect strawberry or something. I was slighty disappointed, ’cause I thought this would be a safe buy, but alas.

Overall I am satisfied with the sweets I bought. Might not buy them again since they were quite regular in taste, but fun to try and will exhibit the boxes on my shelf, so I am glad I bought them. Have any of you tried any of these sweets or other Harry Potter sweets? What is your favourite?


5 thoughts on “Trying candy from Honeydukes (WB Studio Tour)

  1. Etep

    I tried some H.P. candy, but not like movie replicas. Those probably were just regular candy with H.P. logo smashed on them.
    Movie chocolate box is little bit different. Upper part is not staffed inside, and there’s like a gold string that has to be pulled out first. Maggle Magic on youtube made something closer to original. But that would be harder to manufacture. This one looks like it’s made from one sheet of paper.
    Also do you know website or their app? Lots of H. P. stuff. There was a theory that Ron is timetraveling Dumbledore and proof was that they both like candy.

    1. ingridstrand Post author

      I am aware that they are not completly like in the movie, but if they had to make them like that it would probably be even more expensive. I am fine with them being a little simpler, when they still look this cool. And thanks for the recommendation of Muggle Magic on Youtube, I’ll check him out later when I’ve got time. I’ve heard of Amino, but not used it. Seems to be kind of similar to Pinterest and tumblr in a way, and I haven’t missed it in my life, yet.

      1. Etep

        It’s kinda similar to pinterest. There’s like fandoms you can select. Usually there above 200 H.P. fans live there. There’s public chat rooms (for discussion of certain H.P. topics), polls to vote on, lots of quizzes, and other types of posts. It’s very fan based. But it can get very repetitive.

  2. Etep

    I have to apologise. Meds, heat and lack of sleep (because of crow I had to adopt and keeps making a racket starting 4 in the morning) definitely affects me weirdly. I’m almost half asleep most of the day for past couple of weeks and I keep blubbering in different sites and apps with random people. I never do that normally. Even though I have been periodically checking what has been happening on this page for I don’t how many months I never had the need to comment on anything. My mind lacks clarity right now. I have to try to say things more clearly because even I have problems to understand what I meant here and there. ”Not like movie replicas” sounds like I don’t like them instead I haven’t tried them. Also those candy I tried probably was regular candy with H.P. logo smashed on. Could be misunderstood as I ment yours. Also I shouldn’t keep mentioning different sites, links and similar things. That’s a huge no no on sites like twitch- this is your page. Another thing- I have to stop telling things that you obviously know. In many comments sounds like I’m teaching you. That could be taken as rude and disrespectful in many cultures. And patronising. Instead of complimenting and praising you for all the work you have put in this post I started blubbering about me, differences and other H. P. makers. Sorry. Thanks for work you put in these posts. I’m not in my right mind right now and I gonna try to turn myself down a lot (I probably should lock my phone somewhere so I can’t get it).

    1. ingridstrand Post author

      It has been nice to have someone comment on my post. Even if you feel that you are going of the rails here and there. I can see people are in here, but they rarely say anything, so it’s nice to finally have someone show that they notice what I do 🙂


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