Harry Potter – Hearing Aids

You guys might not know this, but I use hearing aids. A couple weeks ago I saw someone post on Facebook – they had bought ‘decorations’ for their hearing aids, and I was intrigued. I have seen people decorate their aids before, but this person had bought some different things from this company, Lugs. I googled the company and looked through the things they have. I wasn’t really gonna buy anything, but then I saw this Harry Potter kit, and I thought why not.

Today it arrived in the mail, and I had to test it out. And just so we all know, it’s meant for kids and I am not going to use this every day or anything.

In this kit I got 2 sets of vinyls to cover the aids, and a set of stickers to decorate the vinyls. There is also two sets of charms featuring Harry Potter and you-know-who. Or as the shop advertises it: Harry and The one who’s name we don’t speak!

The charm is quite visible, and I think it would be fun for kids to have these on display. The vinyl and sticker is quite hidden behind the ear so it is not as visible. I guess that is more of an option for me if I want some Harry Potter on my ears.


I took just one sticker on each aid, but one is free to go crazy. I have more vinyl so maybe later. I think I’ll use this for more special occasions related to Harry Potter. Either way, it was fun to try and a little different to have something Harry Potter related to my hearing aids.


3 thoughts on “Harry Potter – Hearing Aids

  1. Etep

    Watch out there’s a tiny man in your ear.
    Looks cute. Decorations are nice too.
    And do you mean Voldemort? It’s Voldemort right? That’s the name we don’t speak? Must be Voldemort. Good thing nobody mentioned Voldemort then. Who know what would happen if somebody said Voldemort.

    1. ingridstrand Post author

      It’s Voldemort indeed. Pretty sure he’s dead now, but clearly you never know with a guy like that. I mean, they even wrote books about how he just wouldn’t die.

      1. Etep

        Could put Voldy on one side, Harry on another- would be like that angel on one shoulder devil on other one thing. Both of them whispering how and what things to do.

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