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#Ampersand2018 September Challenge

On instagram there are often monthly challenges. The point is to take a picture every day (or as you please) with a new prompt every day. I follow this great bookstagrammer, commasandampersands, and she post a new challenge every month, and I figured I would give it a go. I did not post a picture every day, but still managed quite a few.

It is supposed to be about all kinds of books, but I made it into a Harry Potter themed challenge. Who would have guessed?! It was fun to be creative, and take pictures, but not every prompt was easy let me tell you… Not every picture I was satisfied with, but points for effort right?

I wrote more on Instagram if you want to see them with more of a description, here I’ll just put the pictures and the prompts. My handle on insta is istrand.

// 1. School // 2. Letters

// 3. Local

// 4. Conquer // 5. Charity

// 6. Truth // 7. #housepride

Number 8 was a boomerang, so it is only on instagram. // 9. Flame // 10. Numbers

// 11. #onthebed // 12. subject

// 13. okay // 14. go-to

15. and 16. is not here, because I was away that weekend. // 17. pick // 18. ebook

// 19. dressup // 20. hour

I skipped number 21… // 22. adventure // 23. banned

// 24. sequel // 25. dreamer

26 is also a boomerang, and can be seen on instagram. // 27. mark // 28. nine

I was away on the 29th, so didn’t do it, but ended it all with // 30. wrap-up.

Remember that they all can be seen in better format on instagram (istrand).
Let me know which one is your favourite?


On instagram lately.

Recently I made an effort to take more creative photos, ’cause my camera has been collecting dust for a while now. My way into this foray was through Harry Potter (of course). I find it easier to be creative when I have an area to focus on. Posted my photos on instagram, but figured I could share them here as well, so here you are:

As you can see, I started out quite easy, and then “advanced” with every day passing. It was fun to be creative in the way of photography again. Maybe I’ll try some other ideas throughout the summer. Time will show.