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Q & A – This week: 6/2017

We have now made it to week six in twentyseventeen. I feel the new year was not that long ago, but at the same time it’s been a while. Either way, here are this weeks questions.

⚡ Is there a job you’d want to have, were you a part of the wizarding world?
– I would like to be a teacher at Hogwarts, probably in charms or muggle studies.
Did you know, I’m a teacher in the muggle world as well? If not teacher I would
try my luck as a journalist. Not the Rita Skeeter kind, but a good and fair one. 

⚡ Which shop in Diagon Alley or Hogsmeade would you like to visit?
  – Of course I would visit every single one, but if you had to pick one, like a
favorite…ooohh…For the first time visit, it would be Ollivanders. But if I was a
regular in the wizarding world, I think maybe Flourish & Blotts, the book store.
One, because I love books, and two, I could read about all the magical things
and learn so much! Still, I would love all of the shops, like Wiseacre’s Wizarding

              Equipment, Honeydukes, Weasleys’ Wizarding Wheezes, and so forth. 

⚡ What is your quidditch position?
– On the stands. I would fail all my flying classes, on the simple fact that I would be
terrified. I can do rollercoasters, but heights are terrifying to me. And to be on a broom,
high above the ground..not gonna happen. If I had to pick a position I think I would say
beater. I could swing a bat from time to time. Catch and throw balls while riding a
broom needs a little more coordination than I have whilst on a broom.

⚡ Harry Potter this week?
            – I recently bought the two-disc special edition of all the Harry Potter movies, so almost
every day this week I have been watching some Harry Potter, either movie or bonus
features. It’s been a blast. And I’ll keep watching next week as well. While watching
movies I’ve been knitting. I started way back in January, but I’m a slow knitter. I’m
making a scarf, and soon it will be as long as I am!

16736243_10158279868410613_592324750_n strikketoy

How was your week? Any Harry Potter in there?           


Q&A – week 41

⚡ Favorite Hogwarts class?
– I think my personal favorite would be Charms class.

⚡ Favorite professor?
          – Of the ones that stayed for more than just a brief amount of time I must say Prof.                           McGonagall. But I did also like Remus Lupin, even though his stay was very short. 

⚡ Which subjects would you take for your OWLs?
– I would of course continue the basic subjects:
            Defense Against the Dark Arts
History of Magic
In addition to these I would probably take Ancient Runes and Arithmancy. And maybe                  Care of Magical Creatures as well. 

⚡ Favorite spell?
– I think I would love to know “accio”. It would come in handy for sure! As a good
runner-up is “lumos” because dark spaces makes me nervous. 

⚡ Harry Potter this week?
– I’m currently in France on a holiday, and therefore no creative projects. But I do have a                 project. Earlier this year I figured out that I would start a collection, so every time I find                 myself in a country where they speak a foreign language, I’ll find a book store and buy a               copy of Harry Potter in that language. It’s like a souvenir from the places I go. So far I
have a german and a polish version, in addition to english and norwegian (my language).             And this week I hope to expand the collection to include a french version as well.  

Q&A – this week (week 40)

I want to include more than just DIYs and unboxing, so I have decided to make a little feature called “Q&A – this week” where I’ll pick out some questions related to Harry Potter in general or about my creative projects. I don’t know if I’ll keep it up for ages, or just a few weeks, but I guess we’ll see.

⚡ What is your Hogwarts house?
Ravenclaw, which suits me perfectly. I love to read, glean new knowlegde (that I’ll never               use for anything), solve puzzles, be creative and so forth. 

⚡ What is your Ilvermorny house?
Thunderbird. I don’t have the same connection to this house as I don’t know that much                about it (yet), but it represent the soul and its members favours adventures and I can
             stand behind those two statements. 

⚡ What is your patronus?
– Are you guys as excited as I am about Pottermore giving us the chance to yell “Expecto
Patronum” and actually know what form your patronus will take? I’m thrilled! And                           surprised. I don’t know what I thought my patronus would be, but I never expected this:


I’m not complaining though. It’s wicked cool. Do you guys see a running theme here. My              soul is apparently a bird. I mean Ravenclaw, Thunderbird and Blackbird. Too bad my                      wand does not have a feather as the core. Which leads us to the next question…

⚡ What is your wand made from?
– My wand is made from Rowan wood. Which is favoured for wands, ’cause it’s reputed to               be more protective than any other, and renders all manner of defensive charm especially             strong and difficult to break. Rowan wands favours clear-headed and pure-hearted.

I have a unicorn hair core, which produces the most consistent magic. Wands with                         unicorn hair are the most faithful of all wands, and usually remain strongly attached to                 their first owner. Both unicorn hair and rowan wood is difficult to turn to the Dark Arts.

The wand is 10 3/4″ in length and have Slightly Springy flexibility. 

⚡ What are your creative projects this week?
–  I’m working on different things, but as we ‘speak’ I have a “mandrake” lying on my desk,
waiting to be completed. Hopefully it will turn out as great as I’m picturing it to be.                          Either way, I’ll show you pictures later on, when it’s done. And I’ll include some pictures
from the progress and tell you all how I made it, so you can make your own.