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Unboxing: World of Wizardry (January 2017)

Time for another “World of Wizardry”. Let me know what your favourite item in this box were in the comments!


Advent Calendar

A few months back I saw this blogpost over at Juliette, and she had made this wonderful advent calendar. I simply had to make one for myself. She had templates and step by step explanations. I got everything I needed. Since her template was in french, I decided to do some alteration, namely changing the words from french to norwegian (since I don’t really speak french). I also had to try and fail a couple of times to get the templates to the right size for my box. I guess if you do not alter them they would fit perfectly.

Anyway, here are some pictures of my project. As you can see it is not as neat as Juliette, and I did blue glitter instead of gold. But I love it!

img_6159 img_6164 img_6167 img_6176 img_6178 img_6179 img_6180 img_7207 img_7208
On the front it says: “Advent Calendar”, and then “Harry Potter” as you probably can see.

On the back I wrote: “24 magical days”.


Again, you can find the post with templates and everything right HERE. It is in french, but you could allow google translate to translate the page for you. It will not be perfect, but you get the gist.

The golden trio

Long story short, I saw this shoebox in the paper recycling where I live, and thought to myself: I can do something with that. Therefore I salvaged the box, or as some would say; I took it from the trash. I wanted to decorate the outside somehow, and then keep my Harry Potter-keepsakes in it. Yesterday I finished the decoration, just in time for a new year at Hogwarts.

All I used was the shoebox itself, some paint, some brushes and a pencil to make the sketch. I found a couple of pictures online that I based my sketch on, and then I just painted away. I’ll show you some pictures from the process and of course the end result.

IMG_6138 IMG_6139 IMG_6141 IMG_6142IMG_6146Harry Potter ShoeboxHarry Potter Shoebox end result

What you think? I like the result, and look forward to use it as a place to keep my magical things.

Theme Party – Ollivanders


Today we’ll get a closer look on my Ollivanders setup. I made loads of wands, but making the boxes was time consuming and a little boring if you ask me. I mean the result is fun, but to me it was yet another ting to cut and fold. Therefore I made just as many I needed, and the guest got the box when they “purchased” a wand. In addition to the wands and boxes I made labels for every wand and a shop sign. I also made a little dictionary for the different types of wood, since I wrote the labels in english and maybe not every one know what the different trees are called in english, I sure did not.

IMG_5843 IMG_5844 IMG_5846

Harry Potter Theme Party – pt. 3 (Quidditch)

After “school” it was time for quidditch. My brother and I had a huge project of making brooms for everyone, and it was a lot of fun to finally use them. I will show you more on how we made them in a later project. We borrowed some ideas from muggle quidditch on how to make this work, and made rules that we though was quite good. In the beginning of the match it was a bit try and fail, but eventually everyone understood the rules and mastered the art of flying on a broom.

IMG_4983 IMG_5024 IMG_5025 IMG_5033

Tell you what, quidditch is a lot of fun, but also quite a work-out session if you play properly. We played two matches, but was in need of a long break in between.

Tomorrow I’ll tell you about our trip to Diagon Alley. Stay tuned.

Harry Potter Theme Party – pt. 2

Some of the guest came from far away, and therefore I gave them the option of staying the whole weekend. Meaning that for breakfast we were ten people present. I decided to give the theme party a slow beginning, and said the breakfast would be whenever people wanted between 09.00-11.00, but that I would start a movie at nine for those who wanted to get into the Harry Potter-mood right away. Not everyone showed up at nine, but when they first got there they were glued to the screen (as they should be).


After the movie it was time for school, meaning Potions class. I had asked my sister if she wanted to be a professor in Potions, since she in the muggle world is a teacher in physics and the like. She had made us an exciting class with different potions to brew and experiments to try.

IMG_4897 IMG_4917
In the picture above you can see some of the potions we made. First we brewed something that would reveal poison. And then we made different concoctions that we would pour the first potion in. To begin with all the concoction had the same colour, but the first potion would reveal if there was poison in any of the concoctions. Red means there are no poison, green is dangerous and yellow is the worst of the worst. We all really felt like witches and wizards when all the concoctions changed colours, and had no logical explanation to it. In addition to this there was a couple of other experiments, and a lot of fun.

In between classes I used my time to decorate some in the “common room”. I had a lot of pictures of all the details, but I guess it’s not necessary for you to see it all, so I will just put up a couple.

IMG_4960 IMG_4963

Tomorrow’s post will be about our quidditch match, so stay tuned.