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The Wand Collection: a book review

A month ago I read the book “The Wand Collection” from cover to cover. It was an interesting read. In the beginning of the book you can read about wands in general, and how the art department created all the wands, and more. Part two (and the biggest part) is picture and information about the wand of the different characters. Not every character in the whole franchise, but more than fifty different ones. All the way in the back there is an index, with small pictures of the wands and name of the owner. I might not read the whole book cover to cover again, but I’ll use it for reference and like a lexicon or “wand wiki”. Some times I get wands in the GeekGear boxes and I might be unsure of the owner, in which cases I now will use the book to figure it out.

If you are a wand lover (or a Geek Gear subscriber) I would recommend this book. I would say it is meant for those of us who love to read about the things that happens behind the scenes. How was it made, what does this mean, etc.

While we are speaking of wands, I thought I would share my wand collection as of today. I keep all my wand in this cabinet that is my “Harry Potter showcase”.

Back left is mostly wands I have made myself in conjunction with my theme party two years ago. Has it been two years aleready?! In front of the jar is my three official wands, bought in proper stores. On top is the Funko POP figure of Seraphina Picquery because the pink wand box on top contains her wand.

The two boxes besides them is one that I made myself (Hello theme party!), and one that came with a wand I ordered off Wish. On the back wall is a “Ollivanders” sign, and “The Wand Collection”. Front and center is all the wands I have gotten through Geek Gear. Far right is some of the boxes the Geek Gear wands has been packed up in.

Top to bottom: Seraphina Picquery // Hermione Granger // Albus Dumbledore (The Elder Wand)

From left to right: Newt Scamander // Voldemort // Harry Potter // Ron Weasley (the wand he broke second year and tried to fix with Spellotape) // Ron Weasley (His new wand) // Fred Weasley // Sirius Black // Severus Snape // Ginny Weasley

There you have it, The Wand Collection, both the book and my personal one.
Let me know, which wand is your favourite one? Mine changes all the time. Right now it is the Harry Potter one, it is perfect to twirl and fiddle with.